Tuesday, 25 May 2021

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15th June 2021 - Hutton Roof

Today made a new cage for 15d and went up to fix it which all went well. Also spent time changing around and refixing some of the cages for added protection to the vunerable

A special super large cage made up in readiness for a super large plant eg: 15d (Epipactis schmalhauseneii- hybrid)

In situ on site

A closer look!

This area holds some beauties and here caged is a almost replica to 11a although some 200 yards further east

(above) fixing cage to the variagated helleborine.

14th June 2021 Hutton Roof.

Everything is coming along nicely and almost everything present and correct. Here are a few photos to show the progress of some of the "stars".

(above) Escarp 13 - Strong Bicolor
14th June 2021

(above) Escarp 13 - Bicolor
10th July 2017

(above)15d Epipactis schmalhauseneii (hybrid)
Photo: 14th June 2021

The above is the fabulous 15d Epipactis schmalhauseneii hybrid which first showed in 2017 and had a very impressive inflorescence with a record of no less than 62 flowers (see photo below) and looking at it today may well follow on the same. Eventually in 2017 was predated, 2018 came through but very stunted, 2019 No show, 2020, taken down by Hare in early growth. (see photo here from 2017)

(Above - Showing photo of 15d from 2017)

(above) shows 15a,15b and 15c
Epipactis schmalhauseneii - hybrids
Photo: 14th June 2021.
(To see them in full bloom see below)

(above) Photo: 20th July 2014
Shows both 15a and 15b (before 15c and 15d came along)
I have histories for these from 2014. They came through in most years but went missing in 2020 so its great to see them coming through again this year. 

Above shows "Dark Stemmed Helleborine (for now!)" SW7 
photo taken 14th June 2021

Dark stemmed helleborine which is named SW7 and alongside you see the regular helleborine, this pair are very interesting. Only discovered last year (2020). Check out last years photo below:

(above) SW7 seen last year
Photo: July 2021

(above) is the beautiful 40's atroruben - Bicolor
I have histories from 2014 and in most years it suffers one way or another.
The following photo shows them at their best

Epipactis atrorubens - bicolor
(above) shows 40 and 40a from 2014 and 2017

(above) is the variegated "Helleborine" from yesterday (14th June 2021).  The variagation is still holding out within the plant, just as strong. Maybe one day we will see it again in it's former glory, just like the photo below

(above) shows Helleborine "variagated" from July 2016

(above) shows Helleborine "variagated" from July 2016

(below) Other fabulous specimens now on their way!

24th May 2021 Hutton Roof.

Did a full check up today, the only atroruben type plants showing were plants of high vigour and which included one or two hybrids or very strong atrorubens.  Strangely the helleborines were lagging (in my opinion) and these are as a rule the very first to show in regards to emergence shoots. 

This one above is a member of the 15 family and is already strong which I would expect from a hybrid.


strong hybrid

Regular atrorubens

Family 33

Regular atrorubens

PMG - Hybrid