Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Variegated Variety (Helleborine) - found 2016

Showing two photos of the Variegated  (Click over photo to enlarge)

This is a very interesting plant I found back in (2016) and one I nicknamed "STRIPEY" or in Jon Dunn's fabulous book "Orchid Summer" it may even have been called "HUMBUG STRIPED".  It's variegated form is quite striking.  The plant (E. Helleborine) stands at about 10" high and close (within 12") to another helleborine plant which is normal. This plant is coming up to the South facing side of a small bush.  Another interesting fact about this particular plant is that when you check the "denticulation pattern" on its leaf edges, the pattern you see resembles more in favour of "Atrorubens" although all other features seem to be helleborine. This plant is usually on show more or less at the same time as the early atrorubens (mid to late May). 

Also to add to the variegated mystery I found yet another plant but only at seedling stage with two large basal leaves formed some 30 yards to the North West of the main plant (see photo below), and also found another one at seedling stage with large variegated leaves at about 200 yards South of the main plant.  So it will be interesting to see how these turn out during 2017. These seedling examples never did much in 2017 but worth keeping a eye on them for the future. No advancement with them during 2018, though nothing at all did well in this "draught" year

This is the seedling which lies approx 30 yards North West of the Main Plant (Click over to enlarge)

This is the seedling which lies approx 30 yards North West of the Main Plant, and is well under canopy of a nearby copse and fully covered in and restricted to light.  It's also a area which has some very large helleborines.  I will be keeping my eye on this plant for 2017.

Well here we go again its 3rd June 2017 and what a little beauty she is showing already.  The variegation is incredible and the basal leaf looks stunning.

E. Helleborine - variegated as at 3rd June 2017 (Click over to enlarge)
This was "Stripey" on 31st July 2017
She continued with good progress and maturity throughout the season whilst under the protection of a  metal cage

This was "humbug" or stripey as of 3lst May 2018

2018 Update "Variegated"

Although the plant did come (see above photo) through I felt it a little less stripey than in previous years.  Like so many other plants this one halted growth part way and went into die back without maturing because of the unusual situation of a severe heatwave just at the critical time. This photo (above) shows the total of its development for 2018

2019 Update "Variegated" - 18th May 2019

 Epipactis helleborine var: variegated (Click over to enlarge)
Photo: Hutton Roof 18th May 2019

It is lovely to see that Stripey has come through again in it's variegated form and this will now be it's fourth year since I discovered it.  I wondered how we would go on this year after its early die-back before maturity last year (2018) but so far so good.

2019 further update:

Sadly Stripey has died back about 2 weeks ago which would have been around mid-June. 

2020 update (checked many times inc June 24th)

Stripey has come through again but only in a elongated variegated long leaf form, without forming any stem or inflorescence.

A new "variagated" found 

Found in 2020 down in the bottom part (South West). Sadly when I found it, it was missing its inflorescence which I guess would have been a beauty from the plants photo shown here.