Friday, 13 July 2018

Cages and Protection for our Orchids

These are some of the cages in preparation for orchid protection on Hutton Roof

I have at various times been fortunate to have been given off-cuts of fencing wire etc which has enabled me to build cages for our vunerable special orchids.

The tools I have used to assist in this are as follows:

Pliers and Fencing Pliers

Usually the fencing wire has been supplied in either flat lengths or the end of a roll situation.
So if I take the end of the roll and measure approx so that I will have a cage of say 10" diameter, which is usually sufficient for most specimens, yet this can be altered according to needs. So I would need to unravel the roll of wire fencing (which is usually approx one metre width), then cut a piece off the roll at approx 2ft with my "fencing pliers".  So now we have a flat piece of cage fencing wire approx 2ft wide, and here I will place in front of me and roll it into a cage shape. Got to this stage I would then again use my fencing pliers and make a cut at one end of the wire all the way up the cage. Then swoping over from fencing pliers to ordinary pliers, I would manipulate the cut edges of wire and secure to the other edge by bending and twisting the cut wire.  After doing all the edges I have made my cage.  Now as a rule a one metre width cage would be far too big, I would normally cut down the cage so that I have one of at least 17" and the remainder will be used up later with another cut off and joined up. 

Hope this helps but please if you have queries just let me know on