Monday, 26 February 2018

Atrorubens showing White/Cream Epichile and Boss Specimens

White/Cream Epichile and Boss Specimens 

It first came to my notice in 2016 that we seemed to be getting more and more of the white/cream epichile/boss specimens and even more were recorded during 2017.  I have not been able to understand why these beautiful variant specimens are coming through! but after saying that there is a lot more variant stuff coming through as well.  But just to try and give you some idea I will now include some of the photographs of some of the beautiful specimens which fall under this banner.

Specimen 33 (probable Schmalhauseneii) is a lovely early plant and regarded as a hybrid because of the regular characteristics especially with the leaves etc.  It lies up against a small schrub and is covered in from 3 sides. There are several other interesting plants in the close vacinity.

This is the very first specimen back in 2016 that I noticed which had the light epichile and bosses

Specimen 74 (also thought to be a schmalhauseneii)

This is Specimen 74 which again is thought to be a schmalhauseneii and was again recorded back in 2016 and shows the white epichile and bosses which again came through the same in 2017

Specimens 17d,17e,17f a trio of atrorubens

This is a trio of atrorubens (only one on view proper), and they are of a very light phase. First discovered by Pauline and Ian in July 2017

Specimen 66 (atrorubens) - lemon petalled

This has always been one of my favourites and is a stunner especially with its light green stem

Specimen 73a atrorubens "lutescen"

a beautiful little plant

Now to also include a summary of the Palans/Lutescens varieties (7 pallens and 3 lutescens) (More detailed study under the appropriate headings Palans and Lutescens)

This is Lutescens No.1 which I found on 9th July 2014

Lutescens No.1 photographed in 2017

This is Palans No.1 found in 2014

This is Palans No.1 in 2016

This is a Palans in the "55" area and was found by Richard M in 2015

This is Palans which lies North of the "55" area

This is Palans "Escarp 8" taken in 2017

This is Palans 9a taken in 2017

This is Palans 9s taken in 2017